“Remember Her Fragrance” – Story Behind The Song

Greetings Music Family,

We all have those days. One this particular day, I was feeling quite angry and depressed – a lovely combination. For some reason, those negative feelings turned out to be a nice recipe for creating the song “Remember Her Fragrance (http://shaunmichaelpoore.bandcamp.com/track/remember-her-fragrance).”

I decided it was best to just sit down at the piano for the time being. I was thinking to myself, what do I want to play, what do I want to do? Literally, a voice popped into my head “play what it feels like to be home.” I did just that. Immediately the melody just flowed out. I guess I felt like I got somewhat punched in the gut – the feelings were very deep but it felt awesome just letting it out. I think I played for around 30-40 minutes and then the foundation of the song was laid out.

Shaun Michael Poore – Forest & Light

Although the feeling that triggered this song was “..feels like to be home”, the song speaks to something different. It is about remembering the beauty that is held within the Earth. Just the other day, I was blown away by some of the gorgeous red colors in the trees during this fall season. How many times have I gotten carried away with my day to day activities forgettingall the beauty that is held within Nature? Not to mention that I (and you) have the potential to create beauty if we don’t forget who we are. The song actually does have lyrics but it’s just in the form of notes. Towards the end of the passage, the lyrics literally say (in the 1st person of the Mother Earth) “Above All Else, To My Heart Be True.” That means being true to ourselves and to the Earth we are blessed to be upon. I’m not hear to preach anything, it’s just what I feel/felt and what I need to improve upon myself.

I love Scotland. When I listen to this song, I picture myself relaxing on one of its rolling hills surveying the scenery and then looking up at the sky. A lot of composers seems to hear notes in their head before they actually play – which occasionally happens with me. But most often, it really is deep feelings inside me whether it be positive or negative. I don’t process the notes – I just play. I memorize the feeling attached with the notes – if the notes have strong feeling behind them, I remember it. If they don’t, I barely remember what I just did. Guess that’s just the way I am! Guess that’s why it was easy to memorize “Remember Her Fragrance.”

Thank you all for reading. There’s always stories behind any creation right?


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  1. This is my FAVORITE song on your album, Shaun. Everytime I hear it, I literally stop and take notice. Just beautiful.


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