VISION: To return animals to a place of honor in our society, thereby changing the world, one animal at a time.

MISSION: To take in unwanted, lost, feral, or ill-treated animals, provide shelter and veterinary care, find secure and loving homes, and increase the public’s education and awareness of our responsibility to honor and cherish animals.


Thank you for your donation to Eva’s Eden


Both my father and I have been foster parents for Eva’s Eden since it’s beginning – and these little friends have brought a wonder of love into our home. In the pictures below, you will see felines who began as fosters who we ended up adopting. If it wasn’t for the frequent rescue runs Eva’s Eden makes, all of ours friends below would have been euthenized at an overrun shelter – this I promise you. By donating, you will help keep this organization running so people like yourself will have the opportunity to find your PERFECT feline companion!

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