Dear Music Family,

First off, thank you for reading my bio. I love to compose on the piano and it’s so cool to see my hard work paying off and that people are interested in learning about me.

I started dabbling in piano lessons when I was 9 years old and continued on and off over the next several years. I had my good and perhaps not-so-good moments through this type of training. It always made me so nervous playing in front of people. I’m sure my teacher didn’t appreciate my improvising the formal piece mid-way through the recital – and perhaps my lack of practicing between lessons. Suffice to say, this style of learning/playing didn’t suite me. This wasn’t the path for my creative side to blossom. Honestly, I am grateful for this part of my life as it led me to discover what I really wanted. 

During the summer of 2000, I volunteered to play for a band until their main keyboardist returned from his extended vacation. There was a special spark that became ignited. Music became an avenue which I could express my deepest feelings. I didn’t know much, but from then on,

I taught myself my own way to play and continued to play in a band setting. 

In April 2011, I decided to explore a new avenue by composing solo piano music. I invested in a beautiful Knabe upright piano and just let it flow. A year and a half later, I’m ready to release my first CD (listen now to my four-song preview on Bandcamp).   

 I love creating melodies that speak to that which holds an essence of life. I don’t see music as notes. I see it as energy and feeling – that why my compositions my vary slightly when I play them on different occasions. They reflect how I feel in the present moment. In addition, my compositions are rarely short. I like to tell to a story and interweave repetitive themes. Some might say a blend of a contemporary and meditational piece. I’m fond of saying “diversity through simplicity.” Perhaps that’s why the piano suites me the best. One instrument with so many ranges of feeling.

At 27 years old, I enjoy staying healthy, working out at the gym, playing tennis, and being a foster parent for felines through Eva’s Eden. I’m fascinated by deep intellectual topics, stars, space, sci-fi, evolution, reincarnation, bold and rich colors, the mystical, and visual arts.

Thank you for reading my bio and listening to my music.


Shaun Michael Poore

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